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Hi, my name is Hannah Lamarco and I am the founder of Mercy Bracelets. By the grace of God, I started Mercy Bracelets in June, 2018. Since then, the Lord has pretty much taken over!
In May of 2018 I had the opportunity to travel to Les Cayes, Haiti. This trip changed my life. As I came back to the States, I knew that we had to continue to be a part of what God is doing in Haiti. Mercy is a way for us all to support the community and the ministry going on there. It is a way for us to connect with kids across the world who need our prayer.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us; you guys are literally changing the world one bracelet and prayer at a time!

"I took my first trip in 2013 with RFA, and am now the director of Arts and Education for the organization. When we go, we basically bring summer camp to the kiddos of RFA. Mercy Hospital gives me hope that my sponsor kids, and kids in and out of the BEM/RFA organization will have a safe place to go when they are sick or injured. And Haiti in general has completely changed my life for the better. I leave every trip feeling so full of love. Every moment I wear my bracelets, is a moment I am reminded to keep pushing and striving for the best for those beautiful children."

- Allie Rainwater

"The Lord has greatly burdened my heart for the Haitian people. He blessed me with the opportunity to visit Les Cayes, Haiti four times in three years. I have been involved in praying over an empty field my first trip to putting up walls this past summer. We also visit two orphanages that save children from domestic slavery. I have the privilege of sponsoring a little boy, so it has been a joy watching him grow up!
[Haiti] has changed my life. I have formed relationships with Haitian people that I know will have an eternal impact. Haiti has taught me the meaning of infectious joy, agape love, and a strong work ethic. Mercy Hospital has impacted my mindset because I’ve seen how the hundreds of bricks or buckets I’ve moved will HELP SAVE LIVES both earthly and spiritual. Part of the trip is going to the current hospital of Les Cayes and seeing the purpose of why we need to build a new one. The two times I have gone on this trip, I have seen mothers come to Christ and promise to raise their babies in the way of the Gospel. If 5 mothers have come to Christ just by a visit, how many more will be saved when the gospel is preached throughout their entire stay?!
Mercy Bracelets inspires me to look for small things that make an eternal difference. Even though my heart loves Haiti so deeply, I have never thought to start a business that would raise money for the hospital. Mercy Bracelets is bringing hope to the darkness!"
- Leslie Pickering

"[Mercy Bracelets] has inspired me to care more about the work that needs to be done in other countries and how there are opportunities to help even without being able to go to those countries."

- Jeff Smith